Welcome to my Webpage,    you can call me Doffy, Don Q or 長谷川*. I'm a 20 year old japanese and canadian guy, currently sorting out college for an associate arts degree.

I started coding around April of 2022 for fun, and now I really enjoy it. I've made several webpages with different themes in the past, so now I'm trying to let myself code whatever I think looks fun and keep it up.

I have a tumblr blog for personal posting and pictures I enjoy as well.

I try to keep my pages mobile friendly, but some of them aren't perfect. It's hard to crossreference, haha.

I'm low T* and have been on different versions of testoserone. Subq injections, patches, and gel, for a number of years. As of November 2022, I'm only taking daily T gel doses. Feel free to ask me about this, as I can give some insight into the side effects and / or process. (Transgender viewers are more than welcome to ask about this.)

I've been doing tarot readings since I was 15. My primary deck is an original Aquarian Tarot deck, which is what I use for my weekly card draws on my divination page. I also own a Spiritsong Tarot and an Animal Spirit deck.

I own two pendulums, one is hematite and one is opal. Hematite is my personal favorite stone, I own a couple hematite rings as well. I plan on adding a randomized pendulum answer section to my divination page.